The Harvest of 2019

“Drip down, O heavens, from above, and let the clouds pour down righteousness, let the earth open up and salvation BEAR FRUIT, and righteousness spring up with it. I, the Lord, have created it.” - Isaiah 45:8

My Most Prized Spiritual Resource

There are so many reasons why I am grateful that the Lord was relentless in His calling our family to move into the North Highland community. The one I am most grateful for this morning is the daily struggle that comes from what my eyes see versus what Scripture tells me. These past couple of years (2017-2018) have been some of my most richest, intimate times with Christ each morning in prayer. I have seen that the Lord does indeed respond to those who earnestly seek Him. Each morning as I read scripture and pray through what I am reading, I am challenged to take what I am reading and make that the reality in which I live as opposed to the reality in which I actually live…does that make sense? Probably not, ha!ha! To put it simply, my daily challenge is to trust God beyond what my eyes can see. My general way of spending time with the Lord each morning is to open the Word of God and pray that the Holy Spirit will lead me into all Truth. As I read, I pray. As I pray, I continue to read. When I am finished praying, I often open my eyes and the first thing I see is my window which leads out to the streets of North Highland. In that moment, I am faced with a choice which then leads me to a prayer….“God, allow the Kingdom of Heaven to be my reality today more than the Kingdom of earth.” The reason I pray that so often is because I have learned over these last couple years that I have a most remarkable opportunity when I pray. I have the opportunity to be the conduit between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of earth. My prayer life, when lived out in wholehearted, undivided faith, has the power to bring the promises and blessings of heaven here to earth. I have come to love Solomon’s prayer in 2 Chronicles that states, “May what God has spoken with His mouth now be performed with His hand.” That is the power of prayer. We have the opportunity to hear the promises of God spoken to us in a spiritual realm and then, through our prayer, see the hand of God make them a reality here on earth. As I have to come to see and experience prayer in that light, suddenly it has gone beyond being a duty and an obligation, to being my most prized spiritual resource.

Faith-filled Prayer Moves Mountains and Brings Harvest

In 2017, as the Lord began revealing to me the treasure found in John 15, one of my questions became, “Lord, what is keeping us from bearing MUCH fruit”? He then used Mark 9 and Matthew 17 to reveal several “mountains” that were in our way as a family, church, and community keeping us from bearing all the fruit He had for us. Over these last couple of years, the Lord has continued to strengthen my faith in who He is and what He can do. I have come to more fully love and comprehend that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, I have been given a faith that has the power to remove those mountains. One of my most favorite verses this year has been Isaiah 41:15. It states, “Behold, I have made you a new, sharp threshing sledge with double edges; you will thresh the mountains and pulverize them”! WOW! Scripture is teaching us that our faith, demonstrated through our prayer life, has the power to pulverize any spiritual mountain that stands in the way of the promises found in the Kingdom of heaven being made reality here in the kingdom of earth. Immediately, that understanding leads me to pray, “God, in all Your power, grant me through the indwelling of Your Spirit, a faith that can cause mountains in the spiritual world to be pulverized. Use my prayer life to pulverize mountains in order to bring about a powerful revival that will lead to all the glory being given to the One, True God.”

Without a doubt, I believe a great harvest (revival) is coming to the North Highland community. I refuse to waste my life wavering in unbelief, but as to the promises of God, I will continue to grow stronger and stronger in my faith, giving all glory to God. I will close with this final passage of Scripture that will be my foundation for 2019. My faith-filled prayer for what is to come:

“Then this shall be the sign for you:

you will eat this year (2017) what grows of itself,

in the second year (2018) what springs forth from the same,

and in the third year (2019) sow, reap, plant vineyards and eat their fruit.

The surviving remnant will again take root downward and BEAR FRUIT upward

– the zeal of the Lord will perform this!”

Isaiah 37:30-32

Carrie Strickland

Carrie Strickland